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GTA Direct – Inside Cable and Wiring

Five Points Infrastructure Services catalog offerings on the GTA Direct Contract

Structured Cable (horizontal, vertical, or backbone wiring)
Station Cable: Five Points Services provides design, install and testing services for copper station cable
build-outs. Station cabling also known as horizontal cabling is used for office, building, schools, retail,
and various other types of uses where data, voice, audio and other building or signaling systems are
utilized and require connectivity back to a telecommunications or equipment room. The service includes
all hardware and labor required for install, project management and testing. There are multiple outlet
choices from single-port outlets up to quad-port [(4) ports] per station outlet. Twelve ports is required for
a minimum orders. [ Station Cable Pricing ]

Tie Cable: Backbone cabling is used when connecting two or more closets or cabinets together, this may
be on the same floor, different floors or different buildings. Cable for this type of interconnection is
dependent on distance and speed. Copper, Multimode fiber and Single Mode fiber are available. The
service includes all hardware and labor required for install, project management and testing. Termination
options for fiber are available as standard terminations of LC, SC, and ST. A minimum order is one 12-
port patch panel tie or a minimum of 12-strand/6 duplex ports fiber between two locations is required.

Demarc Extensions: Specialized tie cable from a building entrance to a location such as a data center
or server room. This cable extension is used to extend the carrier circuit to your main equipment room
connections. Five Points provides options for a standard 19” modular patch panel to allow for a multitude
of specialized connections that can be connected to a wall-field or mounted in a rack or cabinet. (price out
keystone type connections)

GTA Direct – Account Representatives

Five Points Services has three main contacts to cover a variety of Infrastructure Projects. Five Points has consultants to work with you to plan a solution not just a service. We then work with partners who are area experts in their field to assist in implementations and projects for a complete vision implementation. For information you can email [email protected] or contact one of us from 7AM – 7 PM on Business Days Monday – Friday.

Cynthia Garrison, RCDD
GTA Direct Contract Manager

Specializations: Network Architecture and Engineering, RCDD 181844,
ETA International Fiber Optic Installer Certification (FOI212641), Project Management, Partner management

main: 678-856-5559

Joel deNeuf, RCDD
Principal Consultant

Specializations: RCDD 118131, Infrastructure Management, DCIM and connectivity management Implementations, Technical Relocations, Technology Officer

main: 678-856-5559

Jessica West
Account Representative/ Client Support Manager /Sales

Specializations: Project Management and Coordination, Accounts and Client Support, Process and Procedure Documentation

main: 678-856-5559

Ancillary Services

Full-Time and Fractional and ICT (information and communication technology) Services:

• Onsite Services: Five Points will provide a part-time or full-time Technician onsite for MACD’s, rack
and stack, troubleshooting and maintenance work. A contract is completed for a term of service at 6
months at a time.

• Cable Audit: Auditors and Technicians to audit equipment and connectivity, service is generally used for
an inventory and gain requirement for a move or for documentation to find the end points between
equipment. Two levels of cable audits are offered, a visual audit and a connectivity audit.

• Cable Management Application: Five Points offers cable management database application. This
allows the end client to have an inventory and documentation of the cable plant, run reports and utilize
the documentation ongoing for other projects.

Change Request?

If you need a change during the project – its easy – contact the project manager/coordinator on the project and obtain an Change Request Addendum in writing. Some changes may require additional funding or updates to time-lines of projects. The Change Request Addendum will document the change and provide the information if additional funding or added time to the project is required. This form will be signed by the project owner and project manager when a agreement is met on how the Change Request will be implemented/performed.

Payment Information

Five Points Infrastructure Services, LLC will work with the client for an initial payment [usually about 40%] for materials required for the project, and then have scheduled milestones for completed phases of work for additional payment terms. At a minimum 2 additional payment points. Invoices will be sent upon completion of work effort. Invoices are NET30.

GTA Direct – Contract Information

The Five Points Services Contract number is Contract Number: 98000-GTA Direct-CONTRACT-4666-FPI

Contract Documents

For additional administrative documents required such as a FW9, COI or E-Verify, please contact us and we will provide a fresh copy for your project.